Solo Exposition
2014    Galerie Vincent-D’Indy, Centre Multifonctionnel Francine-Gadbois, Boucherville, QC, Canada.
2013    La Tour de la Bourse de Montréal, Montréal, Canada. 
2013    La Tour Bell-Banque Nationale, Montréal, Canada.
2005     Galerie SAS, Pouce p’Art Pouce, Montréal, QC
2003     Robecca’s, Here I am, Santa Monica, CA
2001     The Grand Havanna Room-Mistral,  See me as I see you, Beverly Hills, CA

Group Exposition
2013     Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, International Contemporary Masters, Las Vegas, USA
2012    Red Dot Miami, A138, Miami, Florida, USA.
2012     Galerie Luz, Carole Beauvais, Montréal
2011     Une œuvre, une galerie, Journée de la Culture par le
         Conseil des Arts de Boucherville
2009     Galerie Lisabel, Encan Silencieux, Montréal (Jury)
 New York Art-Expo, New York, NY
2008     Timothy's Fine Art Gallery, Hot Springs, AR (Jury de
2008     Centre Culturel Popescu, Montréal(Jury de pairs)
2008     La Forge Prison, Brouage, FR, (400E de Québec)
2007     Las Vegas Art-expo, Las Vegas
2007     Neocon Multimedia Show, Chicago
2007     The Trump Exclusive Art Collection, on-line (Jury de
2006     Mouton Rose Galerie d'art du Québec, Ormstown
2006     Toronto Art-Expo, Toronto
2005     La Salle Ste-Élizabeth, Le collectif de Défense des
         Droits de la Montérégie, Longueuil
2001     The Flower Cannibal, Los Angeles
1998     Galerie d’art – vente et location du Musée de Beaux-Arts
         de Montréal, Montréal
1997     Kaboom Enterprise WGA, Montréal
1997     Galerie Arte Montréal, Montréal
1996     Galerie Art Dépôt, Montréal
1996     La Poudrière Saint-Luc, Brouage, FR
1994     Le Salon des Arts Inc., Montréal
2014   L’art D’aimer, Jasmin Roy Foundation, Hotel Nelligan
2012   Art Takes Times Square, Artist Wanted
2011   Heena Blaikie/Centraide    
2008   Breast Yourself, Montréal
2006   Blakes, Cassels and Graydon LLP-CINCO, Montréal
Public Art Work
2011   Ceramic Art Mural (22’x11’), Club d’aviron de Boucherville
Recognition, Awards
2011   Ceramic art work integrated on to an architectual building for the Boucherville Rowing Club.
2008   Gold Medal, Le Cercle des artistes peintres et sculpteurs du Québec
2007   The People's Choice Exhibition
       Art-exchange/The Trump Exclusive Art Collection
2011   Ville de Boucherville
2007   The LightStone Group-David Lichtenstein, Park Avenue  
         Bank, New York
2006   Blakes, Cassels and Graydon LLP, Montréal
2001   Collection Henri Cohen-Optix Sports

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If sounds does not exist, Carole's Beauvais colors is what you need to be reminded of how life's rythem as a place in one's life.  The rythm of joy, hope and determination are all part of Beauvais painted life. 
It is through self-expressivity with abstract and figurative forms that her visual rithm are borned, nurished, cared for, battled for, appreciated for and for more, exists without the boundaries of its frame, with all its colors.  Within the experience of its impact within the viewer's soul, the epic journey of her art work takes place.
Life can be inspiring, its growth; a battle field or a canvas.  Carole has chosen early in life the canvas and has pursued her quest to be an extablished artist were ever she settles, where her instinct takes her, she lives.  
Through her studies in different reknowed art schools she has jumped into the professionnal visual artists field as women of her time. With the desiire to be a daugther, a sister, a married women, a mother, a friend and an avid believer women right's.
In the work of Van Gogh and Sean Scully, she finds elements that inspire her, that talk to her: light, colors and expressions.  
What makes-up her uniqueness in art, is what spontenaity is to a new encounter, a road-crossing, a loving sexual encounter, a new landscape, a new music, a fresh look at what movement is in a painting.
It's good that music exists, its even better to know that Carole's art work does step to the beat.

One can only get emotionally clear or inspired when in the presents of such simplicity, joy and excitement when one smiles at life itself while looking at Carole's works. Currently living in Los Angeles in the beach community of Redondo Beach, allows Carole to explore her families new world in the US, which is very different yet challenging and exciting at the same time. 

Education, background and inspiration:
As a  graduate of Langara College in Vancouver and obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University.  

She also studied at the Royale Conservatory of Toronto and from McGill University of Montréal.

She expresses herself mainly through acrylic painting as well as other talents she creates in sculpture, printmaking, installation, and drawings. 

For fifteen years she has participated in many exhibitions both collective and individual in the USA, Canada and France.

Her works belong to private and public collections in many countries and her work was chosen to be part of the Art Rental Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal.  

In 2011 she was selected for the work of a public art "La Vision", which was incorporated into the building: The Boucherville Rowing Club.  

She is an awarded artist and in December 2012, Carole finished Red Dot Miami and in March 2013 she will be included  in the publication “International Contemporary Masters Volume VII”.


Joe Ohayon owner of Art Avenue Gallery, Toronto Canada. AAG is the original home of Josef Kote art for over 10 years. AAG is currently representing and displaying Carole's paintings. 

Joseph (Joe) Nuzzolo President of the Salvador Dali Society. Dear friend and advisor to Carole.

Peter Lucas, Art Expert:
An expert in Salvador Dali prints, his authentications are prized by Salvador Dali collectors.